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Volume Lashes is a new innovation in Eyelash Extensions

Beau Lash & Brow Spa Extensions in Birmingham brings you “Hollywood Volume Lashes” – Volume Lashes 2D-6D!

What are Volume Lashes?

“Volume” lashes are a new technique that entered the North American lash industry in 2013.

Volume lashes (aka Russian Volume) was, in fact, developed by master lash artists in Russia and Ukraine some say 3-5 years ago! Irina Levchuk of Lash & Brow Academy from Russia brought her own volume technique to Canada in May 2013, for the first hands-on RuVol training in North America!

It is clear, our lash industry will never be the same! Volume Lashes lash extensions are here to stay!

What makes Volume different from classic eyelash extensions?

With classic eyelash extensions we can achieve amazing looks that crush what even the best and most expensive mascaras can offer. We have always been limited by the amount of natural lashes a client has, as well as the different amount of lashes on each eye. This pushes us to lash to the weakest eye to maintain symmetry. For years our clients have wanted more from their eyelash extensions. However, our only options were longer and thicker diameters, which became problematic when our client’s natural lashes could not safely support these extensions.

The Volume technique has become the answer!

Volume eyelash extension techniques allow us to apply multiple extensions to one isolated natural lash. The “Russian Volume” technique masterfully achieves this with far thinner lashes than we have typically used. The result? A full, lush lash line that appears fluffy and soft and maintains the health and safety of our client’s natural lashes.

“Typically, the diameters used for the volume technique are 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10. We also use a significantly smaller amount of adhesive.”

“Will this damage the natural lashes?”

No! And here is why:

Although one brand of lashes differ from another, in general terms, what we have learned is that three .07 diameter lashes weigh approximately as much as one .15 diameter lash.

With volume eyelash extensions, we are able to use less adhesive than with Classic lash extensions and achieve a better hold. This is because with “Multi-Pick Up” Volume, the “bouquet” or “fan” of the thinner lashes hug the natural lash making more contact. A minimal amount of adhesive is needed (.5 – .1mm or less than a single bead of adhesive).

Volume eyelash extensions has many different names and can be created in different ways.

  • “Capping” is with a thinner and usually shorter lash placed high or low on the original extension.
  • “Multi-lashing” is placing thin diameter extensions of the SAME length, one-by-one on the natural lash (aka “stacking”).
  • “Multi-Pick Up” approach (The Russian/Ukraine Volume techniques including: twisting/pinching, karate chop and “pick up and place” versions of this approach).

Some commonly used terms for Volume application:

  • 2D- 2 lashes per one natural lash
  • 3D- 3 lashes per one natural lash
  • 4D- 4 lashes per one natural lash
  • 5D- 5 lashes per one natural lash
  • 6D- 6 lashes per one natural lash (aka as Hollywood)

Mastering Volume lash extension techniques have stumped even the most talented and experienced lash artists. Many have said “This makes me feel like a newbie all over again!” It can take months to retrain your hands, wrists, and eyes to master the micro-movements that these techniques require. Those who have achieved the true Russian Volume look have worked tirelessly, practicing for hours and hours on many sets of eyes to gain that voluminous soft and fluffy look. No mascara in the world can duplicate true Russian Volume lashes.

To learn more about these revolutionary eyelash extensions or make an appointment, contact Beau Lash & Brow Spa in Birmingham.